Penokean Hills Farms Suffers Loss

Penokean Hills Farms Suffers Loss
A power surge at the Mill Market in Sault Ste. Marie shut-down a freezer earlier this week.
The freezer was leased to Mill Market vendor, Penokean Hills Farms, for a large quantity of their retail meat products.

As a result of the freezer not regulating, PHF suffered a huge loss of product. Will Samis of PHF says, “We are currently taking inventory of the product, but don’t have a dollar amount for the total value that was lost. We are working with our insurance company and exploring our options. The meat was not spoiled when the thaw was discovered, but it obviously can no longer be sold for human consumption.

Penokean Hills sell meat at several retail locations, and they were able to relocate product to ensure their Mill Market booth was restocked with sellable meat.

When contacted, the Mill Market Manager stated, “We feel very bad about the situation and PHF loss of thousands of dollars of meat products” There wasn’t an alarm on the freezer, but she said it might be something to look at for the future. It was her understanding that the freezer may have been in the defrost cycle when a power surge occurred, and it just never went back into freezer mode as it should have.