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Island Author Publishes Sequel

Island Author Publishes Sequel
After two years of working on a sequel to her first memoir, Broken Porzelan, Katie Bering will be signing copies of her latest book, The Courtyard, this Saturday in Richards Landing.

Broken Porzelan, which was printed in 2010, chronicles Katie’s childhood and life as a young woman in war-torn Europe.

The Courtyard begins in 1958 on Katie’s wedding day, and takes us through the challenges of becoming a wife and mother in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It chronicles her family’s move to northern Ontario and the continuous link to her past and search for family in Europe.

Katie says she is always asked, “What made you decide to write your memoirs and share them with the world?” Her reply, “Family history is incredibly important. It shapes who we are and how we are. I needed to tell my story so that it’s not forgotten. It needed to be told for my children, my grandchildren, and for those who have similar stories that will never be told”.

Katie is a very proud woman. She is proud of her life, the good the bad and the mistakes. She says, “That’s how we learn and grow, and we should not be ashamed of it”. She seems most proud of the change her generation has brought about, especially for women. “It is so important that women get respect, education and choices in life.”   

Island Author Publishes Sequel
Broken Porzelan sold over 400 copies so far, and Katie hopes that The Courtyard will share the same success. Her book signings have been wonderful opportunities to meet readers and get feedback about her story.

She’s touched by the hundreds of emails received over the years since Broken Porzelan was published and looks forward to getting a response from her latest work.

Katie and her husband Bill have lived on St. Joseph Island for the past 25 years. Katie jokes and says, “We’re not bridge trash anymore”. She has a genuine love for the island and the friends she has made here over the years. “People on the Island have been unbelievably supportive of my writing”.  Friends have been so encouraging, especially her close friend Jackie Rains, to whom this book is dedicated.

The Courtyard Book Signing is Saturday November 25th from 1-3pm at the Trefry Centre, Catherine Street, Richards Landing.

If you cannot make it to the book signing, Katie’s books are available at the Tippy Canoe in Bruce Mines and via email at