Bruce Mines

Specialist Opens Door to new Practice

Specialist Opens Door to new Practice
After 30 plus years helping clients get well again in southern Ontario, Lois Campbell Hart has returned home to set up a private practice in Bruce Mines and serve people in the District of Algoma.

Lois is a highly qualified, Registered Psychotherapist, who works with adults, children and families struggling with the symptoms of stress, traumas, loss, serious illness, and abuse. She also treats frontline responders: police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and nurses suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression or anxiety.

Her previous practice in Grey and Bruce Counties was also in a rural setting, where Lois built upon her Masters degree, continuing to learn and upgrade her qualifications to specialize in different areas. This enabled Lois to better serve the needs of her rural clients, reducing the added stress of travelling hours into Toronto to receive help.

For the past 15 years Lois has received advanced training and certification in EMDR, and uses it as the cornerstone of her healing practice. EMDR is used with symptoms like flashbacks, phobias and panic attacks, anxiety, depression, over-reactive anger, irritability, disturbed sleep and worrying. Basically anything that causes us to say we are “stressed out”. 

When appropriate Lois also uses energy based therapies which work on the theory that, “energy flows through our systems and when that energy is blocked, healing stops”. She can offer energy techniques to enhance EMDR therapy, which people can use at home to assist in the maintenance of physical and emotional health.

In this field of work, the burn out rate is exceptionally high. Being passionate about helping people is often stressful and consuming work. Although Lois is very passionate about her work, she has been fortunate not to have experienced this. She credits her long career in therapy, to knowing how to take care of herself and makes that a priority.

Lois enjoys being home again and reconnecting with friends and family in the area. Renovating and decorating Puddingstone Cottage has been a labour of love for many months, but now that her door is open to new clients, Lois looks forward to getting back to work.

Puddingstone Cottage is open and new clients are welcome. Lois’s services are not covered under OHIP, but they are often covered under private health insurance plans and employee benefits. No referral is required and sessions are by appointment only. Puddingstone Cottage 519-369-2662.