Trading Post Owners' Retire
Dave and Shellie MacDonald are preparing to ease into semi-retirement now that their business has been sold.

The Desbarats couple will enjoy a well-deserved day off Monday April 4rd, when new owner, Tyler Smith of St. Joseph Island, will officially take over operation of the 17 East Trading Post.

Dave and Shellie purchased the business in 1992 and have run it for the past 24 years. During that time many customers and staff have become like family to them and that is what they’ll miss most about their small business. When asked what he’ll miss the least, Dave immediately replies, “The Fuel Inspector”.

With two young Granddaughters, jobs as casual rural mail carriers, and the option to pick up other part-time work, Dave and Shellie will find no trouble keeping themselves busy.

Trading Post Owners' Retire
Photos on display in the store show the history of businesses located on the property near the corner of Hwy 17 E & Hwy 548 to St. Joseph Island. A small snack bar was opened on the site by Hazel Kieven in 1964. Over the years it was expanded and changed by owners including, Gordon and Grace See and later George Schryer in the 70’s. The building was rebuilt once, after it was destroyed by fire.

The Gannon family owned the business for several years and it was later renovated and opened as the Algoview Restaurant in the 1980’s.

New owner Tyler Smith admits he has zero experience in the retail or service industry, so it will be a steep learning curve for him.  He has no immediate plans to make changes to the business and will keep the current staff, as they have valuable knowledge about the day to day operations which he is learning from them.  

The 17 East Trading Post store and gas bar will be closed on Sunday April 3nd for inventory and will re-open for regular hours on Monday April 4rd.