New Produce Auction in Desbarats

New Produce Auction in Desbarats
The Mennonite Community is hoping to expand the sale of family farm produce locally through a new wholesale auction facility. 

A new 100’x60’ building was erected at 5241 Government Road, just east of Desbarats, on Friday May 13th. It’s the largest structure of this type that the Mennonites have built in the area, and unlike most of their buildings, took more than one day to put up. This was due, not only to the size of the building, but the timing. Spring is a very busy time of year for all farmers and it was difficult to assemble a large crew of men to work on the building. 

The Algoma Produce Auction (APA) as the business is called, is designed to be a wholesale outlet for those who purchase in large lots for resale at either farm stands, markets, grocery stores or restaurants. It is expected that wholesale buyers will travel from Sudbury, Blind River and Sault Ste. Marie to purchase produce.

Rufus Martin is one of five board members who run the APA. He says, “The auction is based on models currently operating in southern Ontario, but we expect it will take a couple of years for this auction to get established."  As with any new venture, it will take some time to figure out what works best and what can be done to improve the operation. 

New Produce Auction in Desbarats
The APA is a live consignment auction open to all growers in the Algoma area. Growers outside of Algoma are also eligible to sell, but must be pre-approved and produce will be identified as grown outside of the Algoma District.

The APA is not expected to effect the Johnson Farmers' Market. Most Mennonite farms that sell at the JF Market, the retail store on Government Road or at roadside stands will continue to sell at these locations.

The APA will run Tuesdays and Fridays, opening on July 5th and closing October 28th , 2016. Michael Peever will be the auctioneer and sales will start at 3pm.