Donald Gaudet

Story Harvesting Algoma Manor: Part 6

Story Harvesting Algoma Manor: Part 6

Donald was born in the province of Quebec. Tragically, when Donald was 3 he lost his mother.  He also had three siblings, one sister and two brothers.

He was put into a foster home until he was 14 and began a career in carpentry.

He worked many different jobs such as carpentry, logging, welding, and he was a miner at the Elliot Lake mine for a number of years. Later, he worked for Hydro Electric as a General Foremen for 14 years. He spoke fluent French for the majority of his life.

During his stay in a hotel in Blind River, Donald still spoke no English, however he knew how to say "eggs and ham", and for the next three days he ate eggs and ham. Donald took some time to learn English however, he learned the bad words first.

Donald has seven children, three girls and four boys.

Written by Ian Crowder and Kyle Rosenfield-pictured above with Don.