Cade Greer

People of Algoma

People of Algoma
Being active has always been a big part of 18 year old, Cade Greer’s life. Growing up he loved sports and doing gymnastics, dance, basketball and volleyball. 

Between the ages of 5 and 8 Cade took gymnastic classes in his hometown of Brampton. In his final year of gymnastics his family uprooted and moved to Desbarats. Shortly after the move he discovered his love of dance through Central Dance. Since then, for the past 9 years, he’s enjoyed all dance has to offer.

“My favourite type of dance is hip hop. I love it because it’s so expressive and you can do your own thing, while at the same time it’s very structured”. Central Dance helped Cade grow as a dancer, as well as a person. “Through dance workshops like “Pulse”, and going to dance competitions, I’ve learned to push myself a bit. My knowledge and technique for dance has grown along with my leadership skills”. 

Along with doing dance classes several times each week, playing school sports such as basketball and volleyball, and being CASS Student Council President, Cade has taken one of his previous sports and turned it into a job. Cade currently works for the Sault Gymnastics Club at the John Rhodes twice a week as a coach. “I teach classes with kids as young as 2 years up until 11 years old”. 

With sports being such a large part of Cade’s life, it helped him realize what he wanted to do for a career. “I want to be a physiotherapist for dancers along with other athletes. I’ve applied to three schools, one in Toronto, one in Ottawa and one in London. I hope to get into the Kinesiology course”.  

Cade is currently living in Echo Bay and waiting for acceptance into university, so his dream job can take off.

People of Algoma
Emilya graduated from CASS last year and is now taking a year off to work, to gain money for College. She has gotten the pleasure of working with Kevannas Fine Photography, Northern Lens Photography, and ACE Studios within the last year. In 2017 Emilya plans to enroll in the 2 year digital photography course at Lambton College in Sarnia. She owns her own business, Emilya Junor Photography, and specializes in family and couple portraits along with special occasion photography. She is passionate about her work and has loved taking photos from a very young age.  Emilya was chosen to design and photograph the 2017 calendar for the Down Syndrome Society of Sault Ste. Marie.