Michael Peever

People of Algoma

People of Algoma
“I’ve always loved the concept of business as a whole. Being able to take nothing and turn it into something is what I’ve always loved”. Michael Peever has always been a business man.

He currently is a full time auctioneer, but has had a long road to get him where he is today.As a kid from the small town of Bruce Mines, Michael never really had an idea of what his dream job was, but knew that he wanted to do something related to business.

At 18 years old he moved to Calgary. “One day I just hopped on to a bus with $72 and headed to Calgary”.  When he got there he decided to run an Australian franchise called “Cash Converters”. He started with one shop, and then slowly made his way up to owning six. After that he sold cars. “With the car dealership I focused more on competing against myself. The money was just a nice add on to it.”

After being in Calgary for 10 years Michael decided he wanted to come back home. At this time he went through a really rough patch in his life. “When I came back from Calgary I went from making lots of money to pretty much completely starting over. At the same time I also went through a really rough divorce. Because of this I became an alcoholic and started smoking quite a bit”. Michael’s life had taken a complete 180, it was the worst time of his life. “One day it hit me. I knew I couldn't live my life like that anymore. I knew I needed to change”. For 13 years now, Michael has proudly been alcohol and smoke free.

With the Cash Converters store in mind, Michael started up a similar style business of his own in Bruce Mines. “My first store was called Mae-Ger Treasures. It was all about Buy, Sell, and Trade. I went to auctions and looked for antiques to sell in my store. People would also bring in things they wanted to sell or trade, for something I had in the store”.

After getting this business going, he decided to open up another one across the street, at the Old Bank in Bruce Mines. Then a short time after, a third store called Mariners Cove, located just outside of Bruce Mines. “My shops started growing. I had regular clients who would come in to sell to me. Eventually, I just gave them their own sections in my store to sell their products”.

After going to so many auctions to buy products for his stores, Michael started to get hooked on the auction life.  “I decided to go to an auctioneering school to learn more.”

Michael went to Barrie for a week long program. Each day he absorbed 12 hours of information about auctioneering. Michael’s mentor was Vernon Bailey. At every auction, Vernon would let Michael sell a few things when he needed a break. “Vernon was very supportive and would always give me tips and tricks on how to improve my auctioneering voice”.

After selling up on the stage, Michael fell in love with it and knew that was where he needed to be. He sold his stores and fully committed his life to auctioneering. “For the last three years I’ve gone all in. I’ve done every sale I possibly could, such as charity, car, antique, house, farm and vegetable sales”. Over time Michael became more experienced. He went from being a trainee to the boss. Michael is now the successful owner of Michael Peever Auctions. Last year he did just over 120 auction sales, half of them being car auctions in Sudbury.

The thing Michael loves most about being an auctioneer is that he gets to learn about people on a deeper level, learning about their life stories. “I love the customer interaction. Being able to have a relationship with clients on a personal level. Lots of times people selling have had a tragedy in their life. I enjoy being able to help take a high stress situation and turn it into something simpler for them”.

Michael continues to do auctions throughout the year and couldn't be happier doing anything else. 

People of Algoma
Emilya graduated from CASS last year and is now taking a year off to work, to gain money for College. She has gotten the pleasure of working with Kevannas Fine Photography, Northern Lens Photography, and ACE Studios within the last year. In 2017 Emilya plans to enroll in the 2 year digital photography course at Lambton College in Sarnia. She owns her own business, Emilya Junor Photography, and specializes in family and couple portraits along with special occasion photography. She is passionate about her work and has loved taking photos from a very young age.  Emilya was chosen to design and photograph the 2017 calendar for the Down Syndrome Society of Sault Ste. Marie.