CASS Rowers Break World Records

Tyler Greco, Marcus King and Morgan Cobb.
Tyler Greco, Marcus King and Morgan Cobb.
Not one, but three CASS athletes have recently set new indoor rowing world record times in the 100 metre sprints.

Grade 12 student Marcus King not only set a new world record time for his age,  but posted the fastest time ever for all age divisions, finishing 100 metres in 13.3 seconds. Marcus says “I’m not done yet”. Both Marcus and Coach Ray Gowlett are confident that if he keeps training he can come in under 13 seconds.

CASS Rowers Break World Records
Marcus had set a record earlier this season, only to have another CASS student, Zac Ibbitson, come within .5 seconds of his 14.1 time. 

Mr. Gowlett had been helping Zac with a program to improve his fitness level for snowcross and quad racing, when he asked Zac if he wanted to try the slide rower. Zac jumped on wearing blue jeans and work boots and proceeded to blow them all away, with his time. 

This was a great motivator for Marcus, who’s been training hard with Coach Steve Roedde to improve his time, which seems to be working.

Grade 12 student Morgan Cobb was in Mr. Gowlett’s fitness class when she first tried the slide rower. She has also been training on lunch breaks with the coaches, and this December set a new world record for women 17-18 years, posting a time of 16.5 seconds.

Mr. Gowlett says, “I have lots of athletic boys in my fitness class that can’t come anywhere close to Morgan’s time on the rower.” Morgan is clearly proud of her accomplishment and fully agrees that the boys can’t catch her.

A third record was broken this week by Grade 9 student, Tyler Greco. Tyler was able to set a new record on his first attempt at the 100 metres with a time of 14.6 seconds. Tyler will also receive a certificate stating that he is a World Record Holder.  

The coaches are very proud of their athletes and what they’ve been able to accomplish this season. They are competing against the best in the world; elite athletes, members of prestigious rowing clubs, and those who are destined to become Olympic athletes.

Mr. Gowlett introduces rowing in his Phy-Ed and Fitness classes. If students enjoy rowing and are interested in pursuing it further, they’re welcome to train on their lunch breaks and the coaches will help them improve their strength and technique.

Ray says” These students might never row on water or join a rowing team in university, but they will be able to say they broke a world record and that is something they’ll always have, no matter what they do later in life”.

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