Johnson-Tarbutt Central School Gone

Johnson-Tarbutt Central School Gone

The old Johnson-Tarbutt Central School which stood vacant in the center of Desbarats for the past year and a half, has been demolished.

The Township of Johnson has submitted a $20,000 offer to purchase with conditions for the remaining portables and property owned by the Algoma District School Board.

It is expected the deal will be finalized without issue, once the conditions have been met. Conditions on the municipality's offer include removal of the school building and remediation of the land to insure it is environmentally sound, as there was some concern about a possible fuel leak at the school years ago.

All old playground equipment was removed by the ADSB plant department, and what was acceptable for use was refurbished and relocated at the new Central Algoma Elementary School at CASS.

The contractor has worked with the municipality, Habitat for Humanity, the Recreation Committee and other community groups to try and salvage what they could for reuse locally. It is the same construction company who demolished the old Bruce Mines High School in 2015.

The township had one of the four portables moved to their current office location. The remaining portables and possibly surplus lots on Amory Street, will be put up for sale to help to offset the cost of this purchase.

Even though the new elementary wing at CASS is very beautiful, it's still a bit difficult for people to see a part of the community gone forever. 

Correction: The original post stated that the school had been vacant for 4 years. This was incorrect. The Grade 7/8 students are in their 4th year at CASS, but the JK-6 students have only been at CASS since January 2016 leaving the school vacant since that time.

Johnson-Tarbutt Central School Gone