Improving Internet for Rural Students

Improving Internet for Rural Students

The province is improving access to high-speed broadband connectivity in schools across Ontario — particularly in Northern, rural and remote schools — to provide all students with reliable and equitable access to learning resources.

Improving broadband connectivity and access ensures that students from every region of the province have equitable access to online information, courses and resources needed for 21st century learning.

Depending on the needs of individual schools, infrastructure upgrades will include:

 Investing in new fibre optic infrastructure to connect schools to an internet service provider and improving network capacity to handle large amounts of data required to use new technologies in the classroom.

Ensuring a broadband speed of 1 Megabit per second per student and updating the network design to be more student-friendly.

Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education says, "Meeting the global standard for broadband speeds of 1 Megabit per second per student is a priority of our government. It is our goal to ensure all students in Ontario are provided with the tools necessary to reach their full potential.”      

 Ontario is investing up to $50 million in the Broadband Access for All Students initiative.   The initiative will move Ontario’s schools toward equitable access to adequate broadband speed in three waves over the next four years.

  The first wave of 182 schools will meet the 1 Mbps per student connectivity by the 2017-18 school year.   The second wave will begin in 2017-18 and will include more than 1,000 schools across Ontario.

“With expanded school broadband internet, more students in Ontario will have reliable access to digital learning resources like TVO’s mPower, a creative online game that teaches fundamental K-6 math and STEM skills, and TVO’s Homework Help, which provides support for mathematics at school and free math tutoring five evenings a week. ”-       Lisa de Wilde, Chief Executive Officer of TVO