Central Algoma Poverty Network

Central Algoma Poverty Network
The North Channel Poverty Network (NCPN) recognizes that communities have different initiatives that can be transferrable within Central Algoma, whether they are share sheds, community closets, food banks, or the Good Food Box programs. It is the Network’s intention to share what is working well, identify needs and to collaborate on action-oriented projects.

Media Release:The NCPN has four focus areas: food security; adequate housing; providing necessities (clothing); and transportation access.

The first initiative for NCPN involved addressing the rising cost of affordable fresh food in the region. In Algoma, the cost of eating healthy has risen 22% over the last five years and over 20% of local food produced goes to waste.

NCPN developed its first initiative with over nine community partners: Central Algoma Food for Everyone (CAFFE), which aims to proactively address hunger among low-income families and individuals while increasing opportunities for enterprise development and expansion, launched in November 2016. Central Algoma Food for Everyone is currently a one-year pilot project, with hopes of continuing for three years.

There are three components to the CAFFE project, beginning with environmental scanning -- a scanning process that identifies opportunities and threats in the community. The CAFFE project is seeking to identify current activities related to food (in)security and agri-food enterprise in the Algoma District; workshops to enhance food skills development; discover the feasibility of a food hub that hosts food skills development programs and potential local food distribution for the Algoma District community.  

CAFFE is inviting members of the Algoma community to participate by completing a brief survey about their role in Agri-Food Processing here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/53S577X

Be sure to follow Central Algoma Food for Everyone (CAFFE) on
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For more information on NCPN, please contact Melinda Freer, Chair, at mfreer@algomapublichealth.com

As NCPN continues to grow and evolve, new strategies will be rolled out to practically and purposefully assist Central Algoma in being a resilient and thriving community for all.

Community members and individuals formed the NCPN following the two community consultations held in the fall of 2015 to collaborate in reducing poverty and addressing identified needs of those living in Central Algoma (Echo Bay to Iron Bridge, including St. Joseph Island and Thessalon First Nation) following two community consultations in 2015.