Head Caretaker Retiring from CASS
Perry Coulter is finally hanging up the broom after 42 years at CASS and planning his retirement for the end of June.

Perry recalls very well the day he was hired by Jim Robinson and Bill Ross to work for the school board in July of 1975. Since then, he’s seen a lot of things at CASS and can remember them all with incredible detail that would put a much younger person to shame.

Perry started out on the afternoon shift at CASS, coming in to clean once the students had left. During his time on this shift, Perry experienced two breakins to the school.  

Perry parked by the shop area, and one night when he went outside to put his lunch pail in the vehicle, he noticed the lights on and smoke rolling out from under the hood. He called the police and discovered that someone had stolen his van earlier in the night, drove it to Thessalon and attempted a robbery, then returned it to CASS and left in a car that had been donated to the shops class.  

One other night, Perry walked in on some young guys attempting to steal chemicals from the science lab. They ran off and were later caught by police.

Another major event at CASS during Perry’s time, was the big shop fire in November of 1982. Students were bussed home and got a week off, while to school was cleaned. The shop area suffered significant damage and all the windows were blown out from the heat, so it wasn’t fully reopened until the spring.

Over the last ten years CASS has undergone some major construction.  Floors were replaced when work was done to level the school, which was sinking. At this time the decision was made to dig out the trees in the courtyard. “I didn’t shed too many tears when those trees were removed. It was a lot of work cleaning up those little berries”, says Perry.

Perry and Kim's oldest daughter, Shelby, has graduated from CASS and their twins, Connor and Faith, will be graduating from Grade 8 this year. Perry is looking forward to the twins helping him decorate and set up the gym for grad one final time before he leaves.

With 30 head of cattle, a horse, some chickens and pigs, Perry will be retired but not done with work.  He looks forward to doing chores in the daylight and not having to get up so early to blow snow in the wintertime.

Perry is quite a character, and will be greatly missed by staff and students next year. No one will ever sound the same reading the Friday morning announcements at CASS.