Wabi Sabi Celebrates Extraordinaire

Wabi Sabi Celebrates Extraordinaire

"Different mediums open up a host of possibilities. It seems everywhere you look, artists are turning something quite ordinary into something unbelievably extraordinary, and leaves us with a whole new experience." unknown

Media Release: The 17th Annual Wabi Sabi Fine Craft Exhibition and Sale starts off Friday, August 11th, through Sunday, August 13th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. It offers you a chance to browse and share in the possibilities, the unbelievable and the extraordinary. There's a substantial measure of humour in the creation of the " Wabi Sabi Women " greeting viewers at the Richard's Landing Old Town Hall which remains to be the premiere place for artists/artisans to meet and show their craft.

Added to this year's exhibition and sale are two new artists from the Sudbury area; Brigitte Bere, clay sculptor and Ray Laporte a stone and wire artist. Its obvious in both artists' work they were inspired by mood and feeling.

Phil Jones joined by Sandy Cline will give impressive demonstrations of some of their stone carving techniques. Diane Stewart will take questions about her signature wall hanging compositions achieved using small pieces of fabric. Lynn Latreille will display her series of Tapestry totes and

purses creatively patterned with texture and colour.

Featured are selections of high quality stained glass lamps by Cheryl Maahs, functional pottery combined in a composition of glazes by artist Maggie Nardi, and raku pottery with surface patterns created from this technique by Paula Walsh.

Small intimate paintings with favourite quotes in calligraphy are a whole new experience by Lynne Gerard from Manitoulin Island and copper pieces incorporated into rustic wood by Diana Madill takes you to a different sculptural perspective.

"Its in the Wood" by Michelle Forrester and Hans Wesselius. Inspired by light changes and colour, wood is transformed into a uniquely formed handcrafted sculpture.

Jewellery of different mediums will be displayed and commissions of all artists' work will be happily accepted.

Wabi Sabi consistently attracts visitors year after year from Ontario, Michigan, and many other parts of Canada and the United States. There's a diverse collection of art work and they're all one of a kind.

The Wabi Sabi Committee and Organizers are: Adele Hill, Clay Sculpture, Andrew Tiltins, Rustic Furnishings, Ann Suzuki, Silk Batik, Errol Caldwell, Wood Turner and David Solomon, Box Maker. For further information access the Wabi Sabi website at wabisabiarts.org or contact Adele at 705-949-0293.