Echo Bay Author at North Shore Sale

Author John Hurley signs copy of The Roofers.
Author John Hurley signs copy of The Roofers.

Echo Bay businessman and author John Hurley was one of 11 local authors at Saturday’s North Shore Book Sale & Signing held in Richards Landing.

The event was organized by Kirsten Wills Wreggitt, author of Before I Let You Go: Stories for my Grown Son.  Kirsten grew up on the Island, and planned the event as part of her summer visit back to the area. She had no trouble finding local authors to join her for an afternoon of sales and signing.

John Hurley grew up in Echo Bay and attended CASS. He was born into the family roofing business and has worked at it for most of his life. During this time John learned that, "Roofers work hard, but they like to party even harder". 

North Shore Book Sale & Signing organizer Kirsten Wreggitt.
North Shore Book Sale & Signing organizer Kirsten Wreggitt.

He has seen and heard some wild and crazy things from roofing crews over the years and decided to revisit his highschool passion of writing and put these stories on paper.

John's English teacher at CASS, Jim Wilson, was a very positive influence on him, encouraging him to keep working at his writing. "I just wish I'd kept all of the stories I wrote back then, but you don't think they're important when your a teen." 

The Roofers, is John's debut  novel, printed in 2016 and has been selling well since then . It's available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook. The Roofers is a fiction novel Inspired by true events John has experienced in the roofing industry.

John says, "People kept telling me that the book should be made into a movie, so last year we took it to Hollywood." John understands the chances of someone buying  his story for a movie script are about the same as winning the lottery, but that didn't deter him from taking a shot at it. "You'll never know if you don't try", says John. He left it for producer Mark Wahlberg and has some actors in mind, if it ever gets the green light. 

John has already written a second book, but wants to waiting awhile and see what happens with the first one, before publishing his second novel.

The Roofers is available locally at both Coles stores in Sault Ste. Marie or online at For more information on John and his novel check out