CASS Athletics Athlete of the Month

CASS Athletics Athlete of the Month

CASS Athletics is proud to present the first Athlete of the Month to Wyatt Hill and Brooke Rivers.  Hill and Rivers were both presented twenty dollar gift ceritifcates for Sportchek, sponsored by Algoma Vet Clinic.

Hill, as a member and captain of the senior boys volleyball team, demonstrated a high standard of leadership and dedication to his teammates and coaches.  Rivers, a member of the cross country, wrestling and senior girls basketball teams showed dedication and leadership by balancing practices for three different teams and working hard at each sport to be her best.  

If you are a local business that would be interested in sponsoring an athlete of the month award, please contact Nigel Good at 

CASS Athletics will be recognizing a male and a female athlete of the month each month of the school year, from a sport that is being played that month.  The coaching staff will select the Athlete of the Month based on the following criteria:

* Sportsmanship (respect coaches, officials, opponents, teammates)

* Commitment (toward practices, games and continued improvement)

* Honesty (playing by rules, character)

* Positive attitude and enthusiasm for their sport both on and off the field/court

* Toughness (both mental and physical)

* Work Ethic

* Teamwork

* Focus and Discipline

* Perseverance (overcoming challenges)

It should be noted that the Athlete of the Month may not merely be the “star” player, but rather a team member who sets a good example for others and exhibits the greatest all around attributes of leadership, character and teamwork.