French Hiker Attempting 5000km by Foot

French Hiker Attempting 5000km by Foot

Dylan Auguste is an adventurer from France who has taken on the challenge to walk 5000km from Montreal to Vancouver, not knowing it would be one of the stormiest winters in recent memory.

French Hiker Attempting 5000km by Foot

Dylan left Montreal in mid-January and you may have seen him walking with a cart in our area as he passed through last week. He got held up in Blind River by the last big storm, but has now made it to Sault Ste. Marie.

Dylan has been touched by the kindness and hospitality of Canadians, who’ve given him food, shelter, and support along the way.

He originally started out with a large, heavy backpack to carry his essentials and camping equipment. Unfortunately, this took a huge toll on his body and Dylan suffered painful shoulder and back injuries, forcing him to stop. People following Dylan on social media came to the rescue and found him a bike stroller on kijiji. Someone knew a welder and they made necessary modifications to the cart, adding a ski and body harness so he could pull it.

He is now almost 50 days into his trek, resting in Sault Ste. Marie and gathering supplies before he heads north along Lake Superior. He is well aware of the challenges this thinly populated, hilly, windswept, section of Hwy 17 between SSM and Thunder Bay will bring.

Dylan is a Paramedic Fire Fighter in France and his girlfriend a speech pathologist. They both have work visas and plan on settling in Vancouver this summer once Dylan completes his journey. The couple will be meeting up in Winnipeg for a 2 week vacation and Dylan says, “I’m not walking anywhere! Maybe to the restaurant for dinner and that’s it”.

French Hiker Attempting 5000km by Foot

We had the pleasure of spending time with Dylan on Friday night and he entertained us with stories from France and details of his trek so far. I started thinking about why total strangers have been so helpful and kind to him along the way. He is not doing this as a fundraiser, a protest, or to raise awareness for a cause. He is just a fit, adventurous young guy, with a passion for hiking, and a curiosity about Canada.  I think as Canadians we inherently want to see someone with a goal and a dream succeed. Even if it is not something we would do ourselves, we want to help them make it happen, and share in their victory.

Dylan has fondly named his cart Terry, after learning about Canadian hero Terry Fox and his dream to run across Canada. Dylan is looking forward to stopping with his cart at the Terry Fox monument when they get to Thunder Bay.

You can follow Dylan's trek on Facebook at or #5000kmbyfoot.

Good luck Dylan. Stay safe out there.  We’re all cheering you on.