CASS Student Wins Free Prom

Contest winner Kaitlyn Grasley.
Contest winner Kaitlyn Grasley.

Grade 12 CASS student, Kaitlyn Grasley, had some really exciting news for her fellow grads, as they prepare for Prom taking place this Friday night.

Kaitlyn entered a contest offered by the Student Life Network, a website with all things student related: scholarships, contests, articles and info on wellness, money, schools, programs. residence, etc. 

The contest was for one lucky student to win a free ticket to their school prom, along with the winner, every student at their school who had entered the contest would also get a free ticket to prom.

Kaitlyn was notified that she was the winner, and her ticket to prom, along with tickets for the 16 Grade 12 CASS students who entered, would be free.

Kaitlyn was happy with that, but decided to ask for more. She explained that CASS was a small, rural, school with only 90 students graduating this year. She also told them that the prom tickets were moderately priced at $30 each. With nothing to loose, Kaitlyn asked if the Student Life Network would cover ALL of the Grade 12 student tickets for prom, and they agreed. So the entire Grade 12 class can attend their prom at the Delta Hotel in Sault Ste. Marie, free of charge.

Congratulations Kaitlyn and the Class of 2019! Have a safe and memorable night at prom on Friday.