Hilton Beach Community Night a Go

Hilton Beach Community Night a Go

Hilton Beach Community Night will be held on Saturday August 3rd as usual, thanks to a group of women who came forward to make it happen.

Hilton Beach Community Night a Go

The community event held on the Saturday of the Civic Holiday long weekend, is a local standing tradition in Hilton Beach, a time each year that friends and family gather and reconnect.

It takes hours and hours of advanced planning to organize any community event, not to mention the people required to put those plans into action and to set up and clean up on the big day. It is a thankless job, with attendees and participants naturally inclined to complain much more often than they hand out compliments on a job well done.

Like many events, in many of our small communities, the pre-planning, purchasing and booking is organized each year by a few dedicated people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen. When one or two of those people need to step down, it is a huge loss and there are not a lot of volunteers eager to step in and replace them.

As a result, the Hilton Beach Community Night was about to be officially cancelled by the recreation committee for this reason, but as word spread through the village and across social media, it became clear how many people were willing to help come up with a solution and save the day.

Seven women, brought together by Tammy See Arbour, all with family ties to Hilton Beach, created a proposal which was presented to the Village of Hilton Beach Mayor & Council at the Tuesday June 12th meeting.

Crystal Wells and Kathy Keene represented the group and requested that they be allowed to form a committee to run the 2019 Hilton Beach Community Night.

After reading their proposal and hearing the presentation, Mayor and Council unanimously gave their full support. Expressing how they were impressed with many of the new ideas and so grateful that the group had come forward.

Mayor Bob Hope confessed, “I’d been sweating over writing an official statement to release to the press. I was struggling to find the words and regretted having to cancel an event with such a long history here.”

He went on to explain that the event does raise funds for recreation, but the money is not the priority, the primary mandate is to carry on a popular community tradition.

The new committee has less than 7 weeks to pull it all together, but have already booked a pipe band for the parade and are working hard on the rest. They’ve created a Facebook page where people can follow the updates and planning as it comes together. Hilton Beach Community Night .