Island Horticultural Society Welcome

Island Horticultural Society Welcome

Friendly St. Joseph Island hardly needs to say “WELCOME” to its many tourists and visitors, but it is nice to have it “written” in black and white nonetheless.

Volunteers of the St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society did just that last Thursday. Now – when stopped at the stop sign at Kent’s Corner – you can see the hearty “WELCOME” that St. Joseph Island is extending to one and all on the site next to the Black Bear Café.

The flower bed that used to be on that site, a millennium project of The Horticultural Society, did not flourish in recent years. It proved too cumbersome to carry water there and the site became too shaded.

A new project to commemorate Canada’s 150th year of Confederation was realized locally. The sign was enjoyed by all, but something more permanent was needed.

Joan Bishop of the SJI Horticultural Society successfully involved Technological Teachers from Central Algoma Secondary School: Tracy Stevens, Joe Luxton, Jason Young and their manufacturing students to make steel letters for a Welcome sign. Many thanks, with a special mention to Jason Young who worked tirelessly on this project from designing to welding with the students.

Also involved was Steve Burmaster, technological design teacher at Korah Collegiate & Vocational School, who directed his students in cutting the letters with computer-controlled equipment. They turned out perfectly.

A heartfelt thanks to Grant Adcock for his assistance in planning the project and to Ted Alleway (The Iron Thistle) who so kindly completed the last of the welding of the big steel letters.

Primed and painted black by the volunteers these should last a life-time.

Last Thursday was the big day when the letters were finally ready to be placed on the site. A huge thank-you to Gilbertson’s for their donation of white stone and to the volunteers who spent countless hours planning, transporting, priming, painting, shoveling stone fill to complete this WELCOME sign.

The St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society beautifies the island not only with flowers but now also with steel and stones.

Submitted by the SJI Horticultural Society

Island Horticultural Society Welcome