CASS Hosts Boys Volleyball Tournament

CASS Hosts Boys Volleyball Tournament
Senior Husky Josh Hunter attacks the ball.

October 17th, the boys volleyball teams had their home tournament hosted at CASS.

This was the boy’s third tournament out of four. The first games of the day for the Huskies were against Jeunesse-Nord, from Blind River.

The senior team, coached by Deb Robinson, lost their game 2 sets to 1. The juniors, coached by Jeremy Murdock, ended up winning 2-1.

The second games for the Huskies’ teams were against Elliot Lake. The senior team played a great game and won 2-0. The juniors fought hard but lost 2-0.

For their last games of the day the CASS teams played W. C. Eaket, also from Blind River. The senior team lost in a 2-0 game while the juniors won their game 2-0.

Here were some notable stats for the senior team players this tournament. Adam Robinson had an 88% serving average on 28 serves, Charley Cooper with a serve receive average or 1.37 out of 2, and Caleb Parker with 13 spikes and 13 tips.

This tournament leaves the senior team at 3-7 season record and the juniors at a 3-8 record. The Boys will travel to Elliot Lake October 30th for their last round of regular season games.

Submitted by Jenna Fleming CASS co-op student.