KickAss Careers Talks Trades at CASS

KickAss Careers Talks Trades at CASS

Grade 7-12 students at CASS had a presentation Friday from Kickass Careers.

Timmins native, Jamie McMillan, shared her life story with students and how it led to her career as an ironworker.

Her story is one that many students can relate to, with difficulty in school, being bullied, and no clear idea of what she wanted to do with her future.

As a young adult she suffered from mental health issues and depression. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a former schoolmate that she was introduced to the idea of skilled trades as a career.

Getting signed on as an ironworker apprentice was a turning point for Jamie, who is now sharing her story and experiences with students. “I want to tell you what no one told me in school. There are careers that offer great wages, pensions, and benefits. Jobs were they pay you to learn while you work“.

Skilled trade workers are currently in high demand throughout Canada, and as experienced journeymen retire, companies and unions are struggling to fill positions in the mechanical, industrial, technological and construction sectors.

Jamie has been visiting high schools across Ontario, educating students and advocating for the trades through her business, Kickass Careers. She encourages young people, especially young women, to consider a future in the skilled trades.

Pictured below: Several Huskies volunteered to model the different work wear Jamie (bottom right) uses depending on the job: welding, painting, rigging, etc.

KickAss Careers Talks Trades at CASS