Help HNCEA Collect Info About Local Internet Connectivity

Help HNCEA Collect Info About Local Internet Connectivity

The Huron North Community Economic Alliance (HNCEA) has created a Broadband Task Group (BTG) and is seeking public help in determining the current needs, voids and gaps regarding internet services in its region before November 15th, 2019.

Media release: Phase one of the Broadband Task Group (BTG) is to identify the needs, void and gaps in internet in our region. To ensure that the reality of internet services are known, we have partners with Blue Sky Net and are asking you to participate by completing a connectivity test You will receive real-timer results when running the test. Blue Sky Net will receive a tabular report of the test data. We will use the results to populate a database of the area’s overall internet performance and broadband services.

If you have poor or no internet service, please complete a paper survey that can be picked up at band and municipal offices within HNCEA.

The Federal Government has set a target for 90% of Canadians to receive an internet connection of 50 Mbps down and 10Mbps Up by 2021. This phase 1 is in anticipation of funding opportunities to assist Internet Service Providers (ISPS) in upgrading their networks to deliver these services to Canadians who don’t currently have this level of access. Phase 2 will be the development of the project.

“This data is a vital first step to improving Broadband services across the region and timely responses are critical”, says Chris Wray, BTG Chair.

Help HNCEA Collect Info About Local Internet Connectivity

Interested parties can learn more about this Broadband Initiative by attending a public information session at the Community Hall in Bruce Mines Thursday, November 21st starting at 7:00 p.m. Please email if you plan to attend. More information to follow.

The Huron North Community Economic Alliance is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improved economic prosperity through a regional approach working with its municipal and First Nation partners.

Attachment: copy of the survey


Please provide as much information as you can to assist us in determining the level of service improvement that is needed regarding your internet.

Once this survey is complete, please drop it off or mail it to the Township or Band Office or Library by Friday, November 15th.

Please note that this form is intended to compile information on areas which have limited or do not have access to Broadband Internet in ______________________ (COMMUNITY NAME).

*This form does not constitute a request for service*

An alternate version of this survey can be found online at: Residents with an internet connection are encouraged to complete the online survey.



ADDRESS (911 if available):

Please circle the most appropriate description of your location:

Rural residential Residential Seasonal/Cottage

Business Educational Government

Other: ____________________________________

1. What type of internet service do you have? (Please circle)

No Service / Dial-up / DSL / Cable / Fibre / Fixed Wireless / Mobile Wireless (Hub, Stick, etc.) / Satellite / Other

2. Are you currently satisfied with your Internet connection at this location?

Yes / No / Do not have an Internet connection

3. Please specify what activities or type of information you and family members would or do access while on line: (mark all that apply)

Ÿ Healthcare Ÿ Education Ÿ Employment

ŸGovernment Ÿ Product research Ÿ Self-Improvement

ŸChatting/IM Ÿ Gaming Ÿ Social Networks (Facebook/Twitter, etc.)

ŸBlogging Ÿ Emailing Ÿ Accessing/downloading video content i.e.: Netflix

4. Delivering broadband to urban communities is typically easier and less expensive than delivering the same service in rural communities, therefore rural customers tend to absorb some of those costs. If a new service became available to you that could consistently deliver 25 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up and had no monthly data restrictions, how much more per month would you be willing to spend for this service?

I would not subscribe I would pay $30 more

I would Subscribe, but expect to pay the same

price I would pay $40 more

I would pay $10 more I would pay $50 or more

I would pay $20 more

5. Do you believe advanced telecommunication services to be important for the community, inhabitants and businesses?

Important / Somewhat Important / Not Important

6. Please indicate what the single most important criteria is for your internet connection:

Speed / Cost / Data usage restrictions / Reliability /

Other ____________________________________

7. In the recent past, many of these services didn’t even exist yet today we view them as nearly indispensable. Please assign a rank of importance to the following utilities/services/goods that you likely pay for each month: (mark 1 through 8, 1 being most important).

Home Phone Internet

Television (cable, satellite or streaming) Transportation (Vehicle ownership or public transit)

Electricity Lawn maintenance and/or snow removal

Cell phone Service (wireless, mobility, data) Home Heating

Additional Comments: