Are Your Trees Dying?

Have you noticed trees dying in your yard and in your woodlots? Are leaves being eaten by caterpillars or some other insects? Have you ever wondered what is causing the problems? Well this is your chance to get your questions answered.

On Thursday, November 14th at 7:30 pm the St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers at 1802 20th side road will have Mike Francis, Forest Health Technical Specialist, with the MNRF as our guest speaker. Mike will be giving a presentation on Forest Health Conditions in the Sault Ste Marie District in 2019. This will include updates on pests such as forest tent caterpillar, spruce budworm, brown spot needle blight, gypsy moth, emerald ash borer and beech bark disease.

This will be your opportunity to find out what may be affecting your trees and possible remedies for saving your woodlots. So don't just sit in camp on Thursday night get out to this presentation and find out how you can save your deer hunting property and valuable trees from the threat of insects and disease.