NSHN Foundation's Trip or Triple Draw

NSHN Foundation's Trip or Triple Draw

Many thanks to all who participated in the North Shore Health Network Foundation’s first ‘Trip or Triple’ Raffle in support of our local hospitals in Blind River, Thessalon, and Richards Landing.

Media release: The raffle first launched in February 2019, with tickets sold across the north shore for almost 11 months. Ticket holders received a 1 in 33 chance of winning a trip or tripling their money, with 6 great trips valued at approximately $3,000 each and 12 cash prizes of $300.

Ticket sales closed on January 14, 2020 at 12:00pm, with 404 tickets sold. The draws took place over three days at the NSHN Blind River Site. A live audience gathered each day to eagerly watch as 6 prizes were drawn, and many followed along by watching the NSHN Foundation’s Facebook Live videos. The lucky winners were:

1st Prize: Cayo Coco Cuba (valued at $3,000) or Travel Voucher ($2,800) goes to ticket #0043 - Lorne & Angel Chow of Regina

2nd Prize: Las Vegas (valued at $3,000) or Travel Voucher ($2,800) goes to ticket #0199 - Lori Ann Evans of Georgetown

3rd Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0082 - Betty Chatterson of Thamesford

4th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0194 - Joe Drago of Sudbury

5th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0151 - Brian Whitfield of Thessalon

6th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0033 - Sally Horton & Aline Charron of Blind River

7th Prize: Carnival Cruise, Bahamas (valued at $3,000) or Travel Voucher ($2,800) goes to ticket #0430 – John Stenger, Elliot Lake

8th Prize: Banff, Alberta (valued at $2,900) or Travel Voucher ($2,700) goes to ticket #0174 - Calvin Hare of Thessalon

9th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0025 - Roch & Leanne Dugas of Chelmsford

10th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0523 - Stacey Pilon of Blind River

11th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0161- Don Jones of Thessalon

12th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0057 - Andree Asselin of Blind River

13th Prize: Barbados (valued at $3,100) or Travel Voucher ($2,900) goes to ticket #0389 - Al Gemmel of Blind River

14th Prize: New York City (valued at 2,900) or Travel Voucher (2,700) goes to ticket #0328- Laura Francoeur of Iron Bridge

15th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0391- Dennis Jacques of Blind River

16th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0265- Linda Shlemkevich of Blind River

17th Prize: $300 goes to ticket #0129- Mary Orlando of Aweres Township

18th Prizes: $300 goes to ticket #0016- Martin Grant of Richards Landing

The NSHN Foundation thanks everyone for participating. The net proceeds of the raffle were $18,855.73 - a great success that wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community!