Community Garden Growing Tips

Community Garden Growing Tips
Hooray – it’s official! Community Gardens are now seen as a vital resource. Lets celebrate and start planting.

Little Rapids Community Garden season 2019.
Little Rapids Community Garden season 2019.
photos by Patricia Wynter.
Our season is still cool, so what can we do now? Sow seeds indoors to give them a good start. Make it a fun activity, especially for kids.

What to plant: whatever will grow best in the space available.

Where to get seeds: local hardware or grocery stores, garden centres, and seedsavers.

What about soil: use potting soil. Ordinary garden soil does not allow proper drainage, and can have unwanted bugs.

What container: be creative and reuse plastic containers, such as salad containers to act like mini greenhouses, for sprouting seeds.

Where to grow: push seeds into soil, water, place on a sunny window ledge.Then watch them grow. They’ll be ready when the weather is warmer.

Calling All Gardeners – plant an extra row and donate to your local food bank. Also, check for a Community Garden near you. Most communities have several.

We at Little Rapids Community Gardens, with support from Huron Shores Municipality, will be prepping our raised beds following guidelines of social distancing and weather permitting on Saturday mornings. If you are in the area, please join us. We’re all volunteers and welcome extra help.

TTFN Folks. Get planting. Dig and Glow – oops! I mean Grow...let’s grow our Food!

For more information contact: Patricia at‘Goodness from the Ground Up’ is Patricia’s passion to encourage healthy communities by producing one's own fresh veggies, herbs and flowers; and to support food banks at large.

Submitted by Patricia Wynter, Coordinator of Kids' Garden Club at Little Rapids Community Gardens

Last year's produce grown in the Herb Raised Bed: French Tarragon, Rosemary, Coriander, Mint, Chamomile (cultivated for calming tea), chives, Edible flowers - Nasturtiums, Oregano, Cone Flowers, Sage. Little Rapids Community Gardens season 2019