The Township of Tarbutt



The Township of Tarbutt is requesting a written quote for the following work:


762 MacLennan Road


Painting of the interior of the MacLennan Hall

Scope of work will include and may not be limited to:

- purchase of materials and delivery to the job site

- preparation of surfaces to be painted

- painting of interior walls and ceiling, including kitchen, bathroom and meeting rooms

- clean up of job site and removal of garbage upon completion


Contractors are required to meet with staff to view the job site prior to submitting a quote.

Proof of WSIB and a certificate in working at heights is required.

All quotes shall contain a reasonable time frame for when work will commence and when work will be completed.

All quotes shall provide the name and other indicators of the quality of the paint being recommended.

The Township shall ensure that all pictures, wall items, etc are removed from the walls prior to work commencing.

Contractors shall do any necessary repairs to drywall prior to painting.

All quotes are to be received by the Office no later than September 13th at 3:00PM.

Council to review quotes at their regular meeting on September 18th.

 Lowest or any quote not necessarily accepted.